Kim Kardashian wears world’s worst trousers, but are they Kanye West’s?

Harsh as this may be, could Kim Kardashian be wearing the worst trousers in the history of tailoring?

Blimes, those are bad trousers. Copyright: [rex]

These might even beat Nicole Scherzinger in the ranking of truly hideous pantaloons.

We love Kim, but we just can't excuse these leather trousers which manage to unflatter even Kim's incredible figure.

Before we encountered these, we thought the reality star could literally wear a bin bag.

However it looks like these trousers may have been crafted from one and they definitely doing no one any favours.

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Meaning Kim has just proved she cannot, in fact, wear a bin bag.

Sad times, eh?

But hang on just a sec, we could swear those aren't even Kim's trousers — they are Kanye West's!

Is this couple so close they are now borrowing each others' clothes?

We swear we saw Kanye sporting an equally hideous pair of trousers' not so long ago!

THEY ARE KANYE'S! Copyright: [rex/wenn]

Aha! We knew it — looks like Kim has been borrowing her boyf's horrible leather harem pants after all, although we really would advise against it.

Kim — take our advice and stick to what you wear best — bikinis.

Kim in a bikini is OK by us! Copyright: [Twitter]

If we were Kim, we would just wear them 24/7 265 days a year. However, will admit that it might get a bit nippy around winter time.

But that still wouldn't excuse this look, maybe she lost a bet or something?