Kim Kardashian vs. Kristen Stewart: BATTLE OF THE LBDs! Is pale more interesting?

Kim Kardashian and Kristen Stewart are pretty much polar opposites but last night, they just so happened to wear very similar dresses which means only one thing...

It's like a spray tan before and after... Copyright: [wenn/rex]


*ding, ding*

Kim wore her stretchy body con number to the launch of the Kardashians fashion line for good old Dorothy Perkins.

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Kim accessorized with a heck of a lot of Fake Tan which meant her shoes ended up blending into her feet.

Instant fashion points deducted for matching shoes to feet.

Showcasing her LBD at a screening for her flick On The Road, Kris on the other hand, opted for an up 'do and some very smokey eye make up.

We think some sort of tanning middleground could be met here?! Copyright: [wenn/rex]

While Kim may have been hitting the Fake Bake, Kristen has opted to keep things very pale indeed.

Her signature milk bottle palette looks even paler when chucked next to Kim's 25 holidays a month glow.

We just wish Kim had roped in Kanye West to get the mitt out a bit more on her back - no one wants a dodgy uneven tan.

For tanning reasons alone we think we prefer Kristen's more natural look especially considering the date on the calendar.

However, the question remains, just who do you think rocks the black body con hardest? Ms Kardashian or Ms Stewart?