Kim Kardashian tweets Playboy pictures, looked fit even back in 2007

Kim Kardashian just loves taking off her clothes and tweeting pictures to make us jell.

Behind the scenes on Kim's 2007 Playboy shoot. Copyright: [Kim Kardashian]

However, we love gawping at them so are definitely not complaining.

This time Kim posted pictures taken behind the scenes of her 2007 Playboy cover.

Kim called the album 'Flashback Friday' and invited us all to remember her Playboy photo shoot from 2007.

Basically, she took off most of her clothes and looked stupidly fit while a photographer was there to capture everything.

Oh, and someone helped her with her lip liner.

Even fit in 2007. Copyright: [Kim Kardashian]

However, we are not really sure what is going on with that cellotape looking stuff. We hope it's not extreme tit tape.

However, with this being Playboy we would have thought tit tape would not have been exactly necessary.

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We love digging out old photos just like Kim Kardashian and we are sure out Aiya Napa '03 pictures are just as glam as these that Kim posted on her website.

Meanwhile, if you have forgotten just what Kim looks like in 2012, she handily tweeted this snap on her Twitter:

Just a standard day for Kim. Copyright: [Kim Kardashian]

The Kardashian tweeted the gorgeous snap with the caption: 'Night Shoot'. Does any day go by without Kim being involved in some sort of shoot?

Silly question.

Although, if we looked like Kim we would probably start taking a Polaroid around and handing out snaps to everyone we meet.