Kim Kardashian tweets ANOTHER semi nude photo in her bra – anyone else bored yet?

Kim Kardashian is one knock-out beauty but we're not sure we need to see photos of it every day. Oh we do? Ok here are the latest pics for your perusal.

kim kardashianKim Kardashian was back to her pouty best yesterday. [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]

After another photo shoot, Kim decided to strip down to her bra and pose for the camera with her hair perfectly teased and her make-up looking light.

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The reality TV star opted to place her hand behind her head to add just another dose of sexiness to the snap.

She then decided to thank the men who turned her into such a beauty, posting snaps of her with the shoot's make-up artist and hairdresser.

kim kardashianShe tried a cheeky pose too! [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]

Most of the photos are close-ups of Kim's flawless face and the last image teases her fans as she wrote:

"Can't wait to show u what the shoot is for!!! [sic]"

kim kardashianKim took this snap to thank her hairdresser. [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]

We imagine it's either for a hair care brand or lingerie judging by the focus in each frame…

While Kim may receive the most attention out of the Kardashian clan, she's still very pleased to pass the baton to her brother.

kim kardashianShe also posed with her make-up artist. [Copyright: Instagram/Kim Kardashian]

Earlier this week she tweeted: "When out to dinner w my brother @RobKardashian every gorgeous person Persian/Armenian girl stares at Rob! I think that's what he needs in his life!"

We won't mention this to his rumoured girlfriend Rita Ora then…