Kim Kardashian shows off pregnancy body, accidentally flashes baby bump

Kim Kardashian has seemed reluctant to actually show off her baby bump ever since she announced her pregnancy.

A gust of wind blew Kim Kardashian's dress up so her bump was clearly visible. Copyright [Splash]However, yesterday Kim Kardashian accidentally flashed her baby bump AND showed off her changing pregnancy body.

Kimmy K was wearing a loose-fitting dress which skimmed over her baby bump.

Kim Kardashian showed off her baby bump and her pregnancy body. Copyright [Splash]However, as the pregnant reality TV star walked down the street, a gust of wind blew the front panel of her dress up, flashing her baby bump.

And it seems that baby Kimye is coming on nicely, with her bump clearly visible.

Kim also showed off her changing body, with her looking more gorgeous and curvy than ever.

Kim Kardashian flaunted her pregnancy curvesKim Kardashian flaunted her pregnancy curves. Copyright [Splash]But Kim, who's pregnant with her first baby with rapper Kanye West, is conscious of putting on weight during her pregnancy.

In fact, her weight gain fear is so strong, that Kim has hired a celeb personal trainer and has spent pretty much every day at the gym since she announced her pregnancy on New Year's Eve.

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She's also been sticking to baggy, loose clothing which hides her body.

Kim Kardashian has hired a personal trainer to keep her pregnancy body looking good. Copyright [Splash]However, the star recently revealed that she dresses to impress Kanye West.

She said: "'I dress for my man way more than for myself,' she says. He [Kanye] likes cool, drapey things. Very casual. Mine is definitely more sleek, sophisticated and very monochromatic these days."