Kim Kardashian shows off her famous bum in a bikini underwater this time

Kim Kardashian's Twitter photo album just got a whole lot more interesting...! Instead of sharing her usual bikini clad snaps, this time the reality TV star has gone underwater to make her bum to focus.

kim kardashianKim Kardashian showed off her curves underwater this time. Copyright [Twitter/Kim Kardashian]

While most of us spent Sunday glued to the Olympics, Kim Kardashian went for a leisurely swim and got her best Little Mermaid pose on as she swam through the water.

kim kardashianKim switched to a monochrome filter for this photo. Copyright [Twitter/Kim Kardashian]

With the help of a waterproof camera she posed for a series of pics looking like an amphibian beauty although her bum couldn't help but be the focus of the frame.

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She captioned this blue-hued image "Swim Good" — but we think she should have really said 'looking good' — as that's exactly what she did!

The brunette beauty then opted for a monochrome filter as she swan in a more upright position showing off her toned tummy and incredible figure.

kylie jennerKim shared this snap of Kyliee Jenner underwater too. Copyright [Twiter/Kim Kardashian]

She superseded these snaps with an image of her younger sister Kyliee Jenner also taking a dip in the pool, this shot showed off a striking bikini with ripped effect.

kim kardashianKim cooled down in the sun with a sugary drink. Copyright [Twitter/Kim Kardashian]

Attention-loving Kim also shared a photo of her taking a sip from a huge bottle of orangeade and this was another excuse to show off her reptile-print bikini — well matched for a day of underwater fun!