Kim Kardashian seeks comfort in the arms of a man* during family controversy

Kim Kardashian may have a stressful law suit pending as she claims GAP brand, Old Navy cashed in on her image but at least she has comfort from a man she trusts.

Kim kardashian

Ok, so it is her brother Robert Kardashian who provided plenty of cuddles last night as the family watched the NBA basketball game but a hug is a hug whoever it's from, right?

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Kim, clad in her trademark over-the-knee boots, black jeans and a jumper with cut out sleeves, sat on her baby brother's lap most probably for some moral support in front of the prying paps.

kardashiansFamily affair: The Kardashian siblings were out in force last night /NBAE/Getty

But she wasn't the only one in need of some family unity...

In the wake of accusations that Khloe Kardashian's real father is O.J Simpson and that she's undergoing fertility treatment, the diva was determined to put on a brave face.

And that she did, as she supported hubbie Lamar Odom as he played at the Staples Center, looking  great in jeans, a simple grey t-shirt with leopard print platforms.

kardashiansGirlie gossip: Kim and Khloe catch up in their court-side seats / NBA/Getty

kardashiansMotherly love: Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian put on brave faces last night / NBAE/Getty

The siblings' mum, Kris Jenner was also there to watch her son-in-law play.

omg! are impressed that in the midst of more family madness the clan stick together and show their haters what for.

*(Her brother Robert Kardashian)