‘Kim Kardashian will only be associated with reality TV no matter how much modelling she does’ says BINTM, Jennifer

Kim Kardashian may earn a fortune thanks to her modelling work but Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model contestant Jennifer Joint thinks the brunette beauty will only ever be a one trick pony.

kim kardashianBINTM isn't threatened by Kim Kardashian's modelling career. [Copyright: Twitter/ Sky Living]

We spoke to Jennifer, the latest girl to leave the show, this week and she told us celebrities who model aren't a threat to her career as they're really only famous for one thing.

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She said: "People such as Kim Kardashian and Millie Mackintosh who are only associated with reality TV will stay that way, no matter how much modelling they do.

"I don't think I'm famous enough from BINTM to only be recognised for that, so it's not like I'd ever be competing against them in that sense, so I don't really mind either way."

BINTM jenniferJennifer was eliminated from the competition this week. [Copyright: Sky Living]

While on the subject of famous faces taking to a career in fashion, the blonde-turned-brunette gave us her verdict on Kate Middleton's catwalk in front of Prince William at university.

In this week's episode of BINTM the contestants had to strut their stuff on the catwalk — and it's this experience which made Jennifer empathetic to the royal.

She said: "I think a good catwalk is all about confidence, so Kate Middleton must have had that."

K-Middy certainly does have that! While Jennifer may have left the competition she's determined to continue a career in  front of the camera.

bintm jenniferJennifer hops to carry on with her modelling career. [Copyright: Sky Living]

She added: "I'd definitely like to continue modelling.  I want to try harder in the alternative modelling industry, as that might be where I've got the best look to succeed in.

"I'm also going to finish my degree in English Language and Linguistics, as I'm still studying for that at the moment."

We then posed these essential BINTM questions to the star...

Who should win the competition?
Lisa stands a good chance, as she's stunning.  She's got amazing bone-structure and she certainly dealt with her hair make-over better than I did.

Who should have gone instead of you?
I couldn't have put someone in my place instead of me, but there were girls I feel I had more potential than.

Who were you closest to in the group?
I was closest to Anne when she was in the competition. It was difficult, the week she left, as she'd been the person I had talked everything through with in the House.

Who was the hardest girl to work?
I know that it can look as if Maddie was hard to work with or she irritated some of the girls, but I always got on with her.

Which judge did you click with?
Tyson understood more than the other judges that my tattoos weren't going to hold me back and they are just art on my skin, not a personality.

What was your biggest omg! moment of the competition?
When I was told I was going to be in the Top Model House!  I had never believed I would ever get the chance to compete, so when I made it through to that stage, I was totally shocked.