Kim Kardashian relaxes with needles in her face, apparently this is 'calming' if you're pregnant

Kim Kardashian's pregnancy hormones are going to her head, by the looks of this pic.

Kim Kardashian has been relaxing with some acupuncture after a stressful pregnancy. Copyright [Kim Kardashian]

The pregnant 32-year-old took to Twitter this afternoon to reveal that she's "relaxing" by enjoying some painful-looking acupuncture.

Tweeting a close-up of her face (easy on the foundation, Kim), Kim showed off at least 13 needles stuck in her face.

She told her followers: "Oh just relaxing..."

This is the second time in three weeks that Kim has caused a barrage of freaked-out responses from her fans on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian tweeted pictures of her blood-covered face after a vampire facial two weeks ago. Copyright [E!]

Two weeks ago she upset her followers by enjoying a bloody vampire facial and revealing pictures of her entire face covered in blood on Instagram.

Kim is a self-confessed non-surgical surgery addict, admitting recently that she'll try any procedure that promises to make her look younger.

And the reality star is even rumoured to be looking into tummy tuck weight loss surgery following her due date later this year.

Kim is said to be so upset by the four stone of weight she's gained since falling pregnant that sources say she'll "try anything" to shed the pounds once she has given birth.

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Kim Kardashian dons her trusty black maxi dress and white blazer combo the day after her baby shower. Copyright [Splash]
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