Kim Kardashian muffin top? Excuse us while we just go and get our magnifying glass

Kim Kardashian and 'muffin top' are words that just do NOT go together, but somehow people are forcing them into sentences about these pictures:

Muffin top? Excuse us while we just go get out magnifying glass. Copyright: [rex]

Yep, other sources and sites and reported that Kim has put on weight and is showing off a bit of middle flab.

The actual quote being: "No amount of holding her breath could hide the star's muffin-top as she stepped out with her older sister Kourtney."

We think this is beyond ridiculous.

Ri-donk-culous in fact.

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Kim's stomach looks amaze, and if anything, you can see a roll of *shocked face* skin!

At a push, perhaps her skirt is a teensy bit too tight, but this is Kim K so we hardly expect her to be in baggy trackies.

Plus, we're not overly sure what hope it gives to us ordinary women folk if this is the standard.

Muffin top? Er, we don't think so. Copyright: [rex]

However, what we did notice is that Kim Kardashian really does love a bit of leather, doesn't she?

She is always rocking a bit of leather, and yesterday was no different.

And it seems with Kim around, the peplum trend won't be going anywhere any time soon.

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