Kim Kardashian has lost almost 2 stone on post-baby body diet by locking her fridge and giving Kanye West the key! - EXCLUSIVE

Despite famously working out almost every day, she still gained a whopping four stone during her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian has taken to locking her fridge and giving Kanye West the key. Copyright [Splash]

But since giving birth, Kim Kardashian has come up with a novel way of losing her baby weight - locking her fridge and giving boyfriend Kanye West the key.

The 32-year-old has lost almost two stone already by ridding her house of food and keeping the fridge padlocked.

A source from Kim's team exclusively told omg!: "She can't go any where near the fridge, it is literally locked and Kanye has the key.

"There’s nothing for her in the cupboards except foods that are part of the regime, all being made for her."

Kim Kardashian gained four stone during her pregnancy.

Kim has food trays made for her daily, supplying her with low-fat meals in a bid to get her back down to a UK size10 ahead of her first public appearance.

The source added: "The food trays change every day and she’s loving it, she sees it as an adventure and is really into it.

"The meals are different every day and the diet changes as she progresses. The weight's coming off so she’s feeling terrific, but still hates her body and cant wait to be LA thin."

Kim's trainer has apparently introduced dates into her diet, in a bid to ward off her sugar cravings.

Our source revealed: "Kim’s new trainer has told her to focus on putting dates in her salad, she's got a sweet tooth so the dates keep her from snacking.

"She's still obsessed with slimming down and trying to ‘like her body again', but she's getting there."

After giving birth in June, Kim has remained out of the public eye, going to extreme measures to avoid being photographed.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is on a mission to lose her weight as quickly as she can - even ditching her entire wardrobe and buying smaller clothes for inspiration.

Just last week, a source told omg!: "She has completely ditched her pre-baby wardrobe for a new smaller set of clothes as she loses more weight … she's totally focused on weight loss."

Kim is hoping to make a big impression when she reveals her diet results and has even dyed her hair blonde for the occasion.

Debuting her new blonde locks over the weekend, Kim stepped out for the first time with North covered by a blanket but by her side.

Arriving for a friend's bbq, Kim looked stunning as she covered her post-baby body in a baggy green shirt and skinny jeans.

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Kim Kardashian dons her trusty black maxi dress and white blazer combo the day after her baby shower. Copyright [Splash]
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