Kim Kardashian hits the gym, we hit the mince pies

While the rest of us might be knee deep in wrapping paper and mince pies today, Kim Kardashian has found time in her Christmas schedule to fit in a quick gym sesh.

Kim hit the gym today. Copyright: [rex]

Big respect to that! The nearest we have come to the gym in the past four weeks is lifting mince pies into our gobs.

Gyms are for January, everyone knows that.

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January until about mid-Feburary when you realise maybe a 12 month membership was a little optimistic/ambitious.

We suppose there is no rest for the amazingly hot celeb however, as Kim was snapped hopping into an LA gym.

We hope Kim lost the sunglasses before her workout. Copyright: [rex]

We are assuming she whipped off the sunglasses before hopping on the treadmill.

Maybe we could use these pictures for some much needed gym-spiration? In fact, they could just start wallpapering gyms with pitures of Kim.

That would get you doing an extra five on the cross trainer.

The Kardashian Christmas card in all its glory. Copyright [E!Online]

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian has let blab on exactly what the Kardashian clan get up to over Christmas.

My mom has a really big Christmas party every year on Christmas Eve,' Rob told E! news.

"We all sleep over at the house, and on Christmas morning we wake up at like 6 a.m. and do presents."

Presumable gold bars and Christian Louboutin shoes.

"They all make breakfast, all the girls. We watch basketball. It's a family day."

Sounds fab, perhaps we could pop over with some eggnog in the afternoon?