Kim Kardashian goes horse riding – makes us think of Old Spice ad

Kim Kardashian spends pretty much all of her life in front of a camera so it was refreshing to see her taking it easy going for a horse ride on the beach.

kim kardashianKim Kardashian was her usual beautiful self as she rode a horse. Copyright [Instagram/Kim Kardashian]

Oh wait, the latest shots of Kim Kardashian are actually from another photo shoot! Does she not tire of looking beautiful?

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The stunning star tweeted photos of her riding bare back on a horse for a sunset-timed shot.

In scenes that look a little like the comical Old Spice advert, Kim wears bare legs as she wears a cream shirt with puff call sleeves with a wide waist belt.

old spiceKim's posing efforts reminded us of this Old Spice ad! Copyright [Old Spice]

Her hair was left long, loose and looking lush as a slight backcomb was worked into her crown.

She opted not to use a saddle and look perfectly at ease next to the huge horse and tweeted the serene snaps saying "Horsing around".

kim kardashianKim Kardashian was brave enough to ride without a saddle. Copyright [Instagram/Kim Kardashian]

Yesterday the former stylist proved her perfect body doesn't need photoshop as she tweeted a bikini pic from the same shoot.

The brunette raised her arms as the camel coloured triangle bikini clung to her curves.

kim kardashianKim Kardashian showed off her bikini body yesterday. Copyright [Instagram/Kim Kardashian]

Along with the photos she wrote: "Sunrise summertime shoot! #nofilter #nophotoshop"

We're  not sure what's worse to see, that she's somewhere that actually has sun in the summer (unlike the UK) or that she looks this good minus magazine artistry.