Kim Kardashian Dons Frizzy Wig And False Teeth For Dramatic Make-UNDER

The usually ultra-glam star has turned herself into a... normal person for a TV show

She's pretty much obsessed with looking her very best at ALL TIMES.

Kim Kardashian had a major make-UNDER for a new show. Copyright [Oxygen]

So it's no surprise that Kim Kardashian was completely unrecognisable when she underwent a dramatic make-UNDER for a new TV show.

Looking like... well, a normal person, the reality star donned a frizzy wig, bad teeth and prosthetics to prank some unsuspecting girls - and the results were hilaire.

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Proving that she doesn't mind looking bad *sometimes*, the fashion fanatic got all dressed up as, like, a civilian called Cynthia for Oxygen's new show Undercover Celebrities.

Kim Kardashian looked a *little* like Ugly Betty for the prank. Copyright [Oxygen]

And the transformation was so mentally good that even sister Kourtney and Scott didn't recognise her when they bumped into her.

Oh Kim, you are a joker.

The mum-of-one bore more than a passing resemblance to Ugly Betty in a unfashionable purple smock, glasses and the unkempt wig.

And with the addition of the teeth and some *very* heavy make-up, the KUWTK star looked like a totally different person.

Anyways, the idea of the segment was for 'Cynthia' to 'interview' young fans who had applied to be Kim's PA - to test how much they *actually* love her, because... why not?!

Kim looked a far cry from her usual ultra-glam image. Copyright [WENN]

One of the 'tests' involved being told that Kim had slept with Eminem, and then being offered money by a gossip reporter to sell it.

Luckily all the girls passed, after which they were offered gifts meant for Kim... to see whether or not they'd take them.

Again, they all managed to resist as the hidden cameras rolled. Phew.

The moral of the story? Everyone loves Kim Kardashian... and she looks uggers in a frizzy wig.

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