Kim Kardashian has a diva moment, tells fan she ‘can’t stand up’ for photo

Kim Kardashian refused to pose for a snap with a fan, saying that she just 'doesn't stand'.

Kim's preferred location. Copyright: [rex]

Yes, cue the most hilaire diva moment we have heard in a while.

After the fan queued for probably an age to meet her idol (most likely standing and walking the whole way) she asked Kim if she could pose with her for a photo.

To which the reality star replied: "Ah, that's nice but I'm sorry, I don't stand."

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Well, perhaps she was tired? Or her heels were pinching? We are sure there are LOADS of reasonable explanations!

Plus, it's probably very harsh on the knees to stand up more than you need to when you are carrying that much junk in the trunk.

In other Kimmy K news, after meeting all the X Factor contestants at their clothing line launch party on Thursday the Kardashians are very much Team Ella!

Kim and Ella posed for a snap which almost definitely means Kim is Team Ella! Copyright: [rex]

Kim told Grazia magazine: "We've just met Ella Henderson and she's great."

"If we could appear on any of the shows in the UK it would be X Factor… And obviously our sister Khloe hosts the US version so we're fans."

Plus with rumours that Kim is planning a pop career, don't be surprised if she turns up to audition for the next series!

That would probably be one way for Simon Cowell to boost some ratings.