Kim Kardashian, can we borrow your bum? We are sure Kanye West won’t mind.

Kim Kardashian is in a bikini again, and she and her bum are looking outrageously gorge.

We want Kim's bum. Copyright: [twitter/KimKardashian]

If there was an award for services to swimwear: Kim Kardashian would definitely win.

We're not even sure she even is on holiday anymore.

At the rate she gets through bikinis we think she must just hang out around the house in them

But if we looked like this in ours, we might be a bit more inclined to don one 24/7.

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Honestly, her bottom is ridiculous. In a one piece, two piece, any piece.

Everyday for Kanye West must feel like a birthday.

The pair are currently on their jollies in Hawaii and Kim has kindly been keeping us updated on all the goings on.

Which are mainly, she looks fit while Kanye probably sits there ogling.

She tweeted this snap with the message: 'Happy Sunday'.

A sentiment we are sure Kanye was agreeing with.

Kim tweeted this just before bed. Copyright: [twitter/Kim Kardashian]

The reality star also tweeted this grainy, but beautiful snap of her ready for bed with the caption 'Night, night'.

The photos are a big fingers up to 50 Cent who recently said: 'One man's trash is another man's treasure.'

Sheesh, talk about sour grapes.

We think someone needs to send these off to Fiddy asap!