Kim Kardashian and Chris Brown hang out with TOWIE's Lauren Pope, how did THIS happen?!

Kim Kardashian and Chris Brown are of a higher celebrity caliber than most celebs - so how on EARTH did they end up hanging out with TOWIE's Lauren Pope?!

Lauren Pope and Chris Brown bumped into each other at the Topshop party in LA. Copyright [Twitter / Lauren Pop …

Not only was Lauren was lucky enough to be holidaying in LA this week, she also just so happened to attend the exact same bash as both Kim and Chris.

The TOWIE star arrived at the Topshop launch party with her pals only to come face-to-face with two of the biggest stars on the planet.

Lauren Pope looked slightly more nervous when she posed with Kim Kardashian. Copyright [Lauren Pope]

Tweeting her excitement at running into Chris - who apparently had a huge row with Rihanna the following day, Lauren told her followers: "Not a bad person to bump into on Valentines Day right girls?! Lol"

She then managed to run into Kim, striking a slightly less sultry pose with the mummy-to-be, adding: "With Kim K! @kimkardashian #topshop #la"

But Lauren's night didn't quite go as well to plan as she had hoped after arriving in the same dress as Revenge actress Ashley Madekwe.

Lauren Pope and Revenge actress Ashley Madekwe arrived wearing the same dress. Copyright [Lauren Pope]

Posing next to Ashley, Lauren (who happens to be a huge fan of Revenge) tweeted: "Same party. Same Dress!"

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And the 29-year-old clearly left feeling slightly starstruck, getting back to her hotel and telling her followers: "Just got in from an amazing night at the Topshop launch in LA, so gutted to leave 2mo boooooo I wanna live in the sun!"

Lauren Pope even managed to get into a photobooth with Chris Brown. Copyright [Lauren Pope]

Meanwhile, Chris Brown and Rihanna are said to have had a huge row following the party, with the pair spending Valentine's Day on bad terms.

According to an onlooker, Chris and Rihanna refused to sit with each other at a V Day bash and spent the whole night separately, despite being in the same room.

Celebrity Valentine's Day Twitpics: Fearne Cotton satisfied her pregnancy cravings by baking some cupcakes. Copyright [Twitter / Fearne Cotton]

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