Kim Kardashian accused of Photoshopping her own bum belfie and abs selfie - and the curved door frame seems to be proof

Please tell us this doesn't mean THAT belfie was also fake?!

Kim Kardashian has thrown the showbiz weight loss world into chaos after being accused of Photoshopping a selfie to make her waist smaller and her bum bigger.

The door frame behind Kim Kardashian appeared to be curved. While the underneath of her arm looks choppy.
Kim Kardashian's door frame again looks curved, while her floor and stomach outline are blurred.

The yummy mummy uploaded two new pictures of herself working out yesterday, one showing off her toned abs and the other her insane bubble butt.

But after closer inspection, several fans claimed the star had clearly altered the images, made rather obvious by the curved door frame.

One wrote: "Why did Kim Kardashian Photoshop her body and leave the door with curves?"

Another jibed: "lol @ kim kardashian's shit photoshop skills. look at the far left door im laff."

Kim Kardashian is yet to respond to the Photoshopping drama.
Kim Kardashian uploaded the workout pictures completely oblivious to the Photoshop failings.

Noting Kim's choppy underarm section that had apparently been 'trimmed', one user quipped: "I guess Kim Kardashian thinks we all don't know about the liquify tool in photoshop!"

Not only does the door frame appear curved, the floor by Kim's foot is suspiciously blurry - as is her flat tummy outline.

Kim is yet to respond to the Photoshopping accusations (and she probably won't), but her fans are already forgiving and forgetting.

Kim Kardashian is now being accused of doctoring her original belfie.

One tweeted: "How can I photoshop Instagram pics like kim kardashian?!"

The 33-year-old has sparked rumours that her initial belfie tweet from last year was doctored to make her derriere look larger.

Another fan tweeted: "Now i'm gonna look @ every kim kardashian instagram for obvious photoshop warping."

Kim Kardashian has changed a lot over the years - click through to see just how much. Copyright [Getty/PA]
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