Kerry Katona reignites her feud with Jasmine Lennard

It seems that the ongoing battle between Kerry Katona and Jasmine Lennard is far from over with Kerry now branding the model as 'some bird who shagged Simon Cowell.'

Kerry Katona has continued her feud with Jasmine Lennard in this week's OK! magazine. [Copyright Wenn]

Writing in her OK! magazine column today, Kerry hit back at Jasmine after the model had repeatedly sent tweets to the singer following comments she had made about her psychological state.

Kerry wrote: "To be honest, I don't even know who she is. She's just some bird who shagged Simon Cowell and went into the Big Brother house."


She continued: "At first I thought she was a crazy fan and blocked her on Twitter. She said I should start using contraception and loose a few pounds. So what if I have a few extra pounds on me?"

"And as for my kids, that's just pure evil. I have four beautiful kids and have no regrets whatsoever."

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Concluding her article, Kerry then decided it a good idea to liken Jasmine to a witch.

She wrote: "A few centuries ago, she'd have been burned at the stake. Just joking, get yourself some help, love."

Meow! The claws are most definitely out.

Jasmine has yet again responded to Kerry via Twitter. [Copyright Rex]

Jasmine was quick to comment on the article posting on Twitter: "Wow that woman's still talking about me?! She must really be struggling to make her rent again. #YAWN."

Later on, Jasmine made another dig at Katona via Twitter posting: "Laughing hard! The woman who confessed to THIS has "no regrets" you should do love."

The tweet included a link to an article regarding a three day cocaine binge Kerry had had in 2010.

Now, now girls.