Kelly Brook: ‘I wouldn’t want a figure like Alexa Chung’s’

Kelly Brook has been speaking about her curves and commenting on other stars' figures.

Kelly Brook is happy with her curves. Copyright [Harry Chapter/LOOK]

Alexa Chung has made the headlines with her slim frame, and now Kelly Brook has had her say on the TV presenter's body in an interview with Look.

When asked whether she compares herself to other women, Kelly Brook replied: "I like looking at their style and make-up. Lana Del Rey is my fashion crush right now, but I don't get body envy."

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She added: "I wouldn't want a figure like Alexa Chung's, because I wouldn't be able to dress like me."

The model continued: "But it's important to celebrate a range of sizes — some girls are naturally skinny, others are bigger. My body is a big part of my identity. Having a healthy relationship with my own style and sense of self is vital."

Kelly Brook, bikiniKelly Brook's happy to show off her gorge figure. Copyright [Harry Chapter/LOOK]

Kelly Brook admitted she hasn't always embraced her curves, saying: "In my teens, I was self-conscious about being curvy. At 14, my bra size was 32D and I struggled with that. I wanted to be a ballet dancer! None of the other girls had them and I remember thinking: 'Why can't I just be normal?'"

That's all changed now though, as Kelly Brooks reveals: "The heavier I am, the more I like my boobs and bum, and the happier I look. If I got skinny, my body would look sad. I'm always going to have big boobs and quite a big bum. It's so nice to be celebrated for who I am."

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The model turned swimwear designer admits to retouching pictures of herself on Photoshop ("Instagram's great — I love a filter") and says she could tone her tummy a bit more: "but overall I wouldn't change anything."

Kelly Brook added: "I reckon I've got the opposite of body dysmorphia. I think I'm a size zero until I see pictures of myself and realise I'm not!"


Kelly Brook, New Look clothing range, LOOK magazineKelly Brook models her New Look clothing range exclusively in the latest issue of LOOK magazine out now.