Kelly Brook will stand in for Fearne Cotton on Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice, OOOOSH!

We've been desperate to know who will fill in for Fearne Cotton on Celebrity Juice while she is away mopping up baby sick, and last night it was (finally) announced it will be Kelly Brook!

Kelly will fill in for Fearne while she is on maternity leave. Copyright: [rex]

Yeah, we can't imagine who has the final say on THAT decision...*cough* Keith Lemon *cough*...

Keith posted on Twitter: "Fearne's fill in whilst she's off having a babby is my very good friend Kelly Brook! Can't wait. Juice returns Feb! Oooooooooosh!!!!!!!"

At which point he was pretty much bombarded with replies questioning just how, er, fun Kelly Brook is.

And Keith reckons the answer is LOADS! Replying to one user, he posted: "Kelly its lots of fun. Believe me."

Such a charming chap. Copyright: [rex]

Kelly is, as you can imagine, super excited to be filling in for Fearne and says: “I will have a lot of fun keeping Fearne’s seat warm until she returns."

See! She IS fun!

However, we just hope Kel has more success on this TV show panel than her last stint on a TV show panel...

In case you had buried the memory deep in your subconscious, in 2009 Kelly Brook was invited on the Britain's Got Talent panel as a fourth judge.

Kel was on the panel for less than a week. Oof. Copyright: [wenn]

Her performance was slated almost the minute her (super toned) rump hit the seat and she lasted barely a week before Simon Cowell sacked her.

Let's hope Keith Lemon is slightly more forgiving of his new recruit.

Kel's appearance will mark her first major TV gig since since Celebrity Love Island in 2005 which she hosted until coincidentally Fearne Cotton replaced her!

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