Kelly Brook’s PDA Twitpic with Thom Evans makes us want her boyfriend/face/life

Kelly Brook has long been a subject of envy for us, but her latest photo of her with her boyfriend has made us seriously want to be her.

Kelly Brook and Thom EvansKelly Brook and Thom Evans looked seriously loved up. Copyright [Kelly Brook]

Kelly Brook tweeted a gorgeous photo of her and boyfriend Thom Evans at V Festival over the weekend.

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The photo shows the pair engaging in a cute PDA, with Kelly wrapping her arm around Thom's head, as both beam for the camera.

Kelly looks blissfully happy in the photo - and pretty stylish too, wearing a floral dress, cream shoe boots and a pair of sixties style rimmed sunglasses.

Despite it being about a thousand degrees this weekend, and team omg! spending most of the time at V Festival dripping with sweat, Kelly and Thom still somehow managed to look cool and fit.

Kelly BrookKelly Brook looking amazing at V Festival yesterday. Copyright [Rex]No fair.

Kelly and Thom have been looking more loved-up than ever recently, taking romantic strolls in the sunshine and generally giving us relationship envy.

However, Kelly Brook's revealed that Thom won't be watching her in Keith Lemon: The Film.

Kelly said: "I've got a good sense of humour, but I'd like to show some people in my family the movie, do you know what I mean? All that work and I can't show anyone.

"I've already told my boyfriend, 'You won't want to see it, it's not your cup of tea'."

Keith Lemon came into Yahoo! omg! HQ today as part of our first birthday celebrations. He had his say on today’s news.

Keith’s comment:

Thom’s a lovely bloke and he’s a fantastic dancer. Last time we were out he ripped his trousers doing cossack dancing. He’s a lovely fella. I’m not joking about the dancing. He’s a wicked dancer. I’m not jealous, I’m also a good dancer. I’m not jealous of Kelly either, I’m with Rosie. She’s a fit as a butcher’s dog.