Kelly Brook hits back at Katie Price following those 'fat' comments, says: 'I don't spend my life having surgery'

Kelly Brook has FINALLY hit back at Katie Price following those 'fat' jibes.

Kelly Brook has hit back at Katie Price after those

The 33-year-old was left fuming - or, "disappointed" in her own words - when Katie labelled her a 'heffer' and said she was shocked at how big Kelly looks in a bikini.

But Kelly's hit back at the comments, saying she's happy to look naturally stunning and hasn't undergone surgery - *cough* unlike Miss Price *cough*.

She told OK!: "When I was attacked unfairly by another female celebrity recently, so many women jumped to my defence - I was overwhelmed ...

"It's hard being 33 years old and still modelling but I do it because it's nice to have a real representation of a woman out there.

Katie Price was forced to apologise to Kelly Brook for her comments. Copyright [Splash]

"So now I'm very proud to be curvy, prouder than ever because these beautiful strong women like my body!

"They can relate to me because they can see I eat and don't spend my life going to the gym or having surgery. I just approach life in a much more natural way."

And when asked if she'd ever follow in Katie's footsteps and indulge in a few 'nips and tucks', Kelly says she's not interested in anything plastic.

She said: "Faces with too much filler look horrible. So many girls do it as a quick fix and it just makes you look older."

Katie was later forced to issue an apology to Kelly, despite initially taking to Twitter to defend her comments as "just commenting on what I've noticed".

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She said: "I'm sorry if I caused you any offence, Kelly. As well as calling you a heffer, which was misjudged, I did say that you were beautiful and hot – and I meant it.

"A lot of my friends are bigger than the average girl and I'm not exactly skinny myself - certainly not the size six that some people have talked about."