Kelly Brook gets her boobs out for Christmas, we marvel

Men of Britain, count this as a Kelly Brook Christmas Eve Eve present from us:

We bet Mrs Claus looks JUST like this. Copyright: [Kelly Brook]

Yep, because what is more festive that whipping out a fine pair of norks?

And of you agree, then you are in luck as Kelly does that a lot in her 2013 calendar.


Just check out these snaps from a behind the scenes video from the shoot in which every month is a near naked Kelly Brook month.

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The Sun reported that some snaps were edited out after being deemed too rude to include.

Our money is in this one not making the cut:

Because NOTHING is ruder than a bannana. Copyright: [Kelly Brook]

And it's not just us (and the male population of Britain) saying that Ms Brook has a perfect bod, it's also a scientific factoid!

A study done at Newcastle University recently revealed Kel's 34-24-24 figure is the perfect female body.

We knew it.

Because who DOESN'T hit the gym in PVC shorts? Copyright: [Kelly Brook]

And at least now we know what we can get as a last minute pressie for any men we just so happen to have forgotten.

We reckon Keith Lemon already has one waiting in his stocking.