Kellan Lutz: I’m lucky not to be typecast like Robert Pattinson

Twilight star Kellan Lutz says he feels lucky not to be typecast like Robert Pattinson.

The American actor, who starred alongside R-Pattz in the vampire franchise,  says he feels fortunate not to have the pressure that he, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart have.

He exclusively told omg!: "Rob, Kristen and Taylor are top tier and all eyes are on them. Now everyone's looking to see what they'll do afterwards.

"For the rest of us we kind of did all the press but had none of the pressure."

Kellan says he doesn't feel typecast like Robert Pattinson/Rex

Rob recently revealed he felt he'd be nothing without Twilight. But Kellan, who played the role of Emmett Cullen in Twilight, told us: "I don't feel typecast at all. I feel very fortunate."

Kellan, who started his career as a model, is currently spending lots of his time on his fashion range.

He told us: "I'm really focused on my clothing line. I was in New York for Fashion Week just hanging out with my peers in the fashion world and looking at them for inspiration.

"I love fashion, I started out modelling. My education is in the fashion world."

And the 26-year-old made his movie mark away from Twilight in last year's big movie Immortals.

Kellan Lutz has his top off a lot in Immortals

We couldn't help noticing he spends most of the film (in which he plays Poseidon) with his shirt off. So did he ever get nervous?

"Nah I've had to do shoots in my underwear. I'm very thankful for my modelling years because I had to do a topless basketball shot where I was just wearing basketball shorts aged 14 and it really prepares you.

"I'm a guy I don't really care. I can run around naked. I felt very at ease."

(How are we supposed to get the rest of the interview done with a mental image like that).

Somehow we managed to continue and ask Kellan how he got in shape for those, err, naked scenes.

"They [the Immortals crew] care about wanting you to look the best you can. So they hire professional trainers, we had nutritionists and special food, small portions every hour. We would all work our together."

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And with the final Twilight film set for release this summer, is Kellan excited for the last part to hit our screens?

"I loved Breaking Dawn Part 1. It really got me as it had more adult humour. So I'm really looking forward to Breaking Dawn Part 2. There's a lot more action than the first part."

Immortals is available now on 3D Blu-ray, Triple Play Blu-ray, DVD and download from