Keith Lemon pulls a mooney at Kelly Brook in Cannes

Keith Lemon is always getting up to funny antics that make us LOL a lot.

Keith Lemon pulled a mooney at Kelly Brook in Cannes yesterday. Copyright [Rex]

And the comedian made sure that Cannes was on the receiving end of his humour after he pulled a mooney at British model Kelly Brook in broad daylight yesterday.

The Celeb Juice star was at a photocall at the French Film Festival for his brand new movie 'Keith Lemon the Film' and it all seemed pretty tame to begin with.

The funnyman posed at the side of a swimming pool with gorgeous brunette Kelly Brook in a pale-coloured suit and tailored shorts.

Keith Lemon Kelly Brook CannesKeith Lemon turned up at the photocall in a short suit. Copyright [Rex]

But it wasn't long before Keith started larking around.

While Kels pulled poses for photographers in a white, tight-fitting dress and red shoes, the British star starting stripping off his two-piece by the pool.

Throwing his shorts and blazer to the ground, Keith revealed a pale pink tee and pair of leopard print briefs.

Keith Lemon Cannes mooneyKeith Lemon stripped off his clothes by the poolside. Copyright [Rex]

Swigging his bottle of beer in the French sunshine, next thing Kelly Brook knew and he'd pushed down the back of his boxers and bared his bottom to the world.

Keith made sure everyone at Cannes got a REALLY good look at his bum cheeks.

Keith Lemon Cannes mooneyKeith Lemon made sure all of Cannes saw his bum. Obvs. Copyright [Rex]

And after making his way into the turquoise water, he then started grabbing at his pecs as he revealed his chest too.

Keith Lemon CannesKeith Lemon played with his pecs too. Copyright [Rex]

He then took Kelly's skyscraper red shoes - while she stood by laughing - and started drinking from them.

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Kelly joins Keith Lemon is his new feature-length film along with actor Verne Troyer.

Other celebs who make cameo appearances are David Hasselhoff, Gary Barlow, Tinchy Stryder, Jedward and Fearne Cotton.