Keith Lemon: Forget Kelly Brook, I want Cheryl Cole in my next movie

Keith Lemon hasn't even had his first movie out yet, Keith Lemon: The Film but he's already set his sights on a sequel although it sounds like he won't be making brunette beauty Kelly Brook the main star this time round.

kelly brookKelly Brook looks super hot in Keith Lemon's movie. Copyright [Lionsgate]

The comedian told Vue Cinemas: "I've already started writing a sequel, it's going to be called Keith Lemon: The Movie 2.

"I'd have Michelle Keegan and Cheryl Cole in it, plus everyone from the first one."

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Sounds like a sell-out to us already! The Celebrity Juice presenter clearly intended to mess around with Kelly last night as he kept the comical insults rolling.

He jokingly mocked her stunning looks saying: "I called Kelly [Brook] Sloth on set because she looked like Sloth from the Goonies until they put her make-up on."

keith lemon filmKeith Lemon's film has a whole host of celebrity stars. Copyright [Lionsgate]

Erm, we doubt that very much Keith!

Although he quickly did an about turn on these thoughts starting to praise the model.

He added:  "Kelly's part was going to be a small part, but when she said yes, we made it bigger and my part got bigger too"

Keith even took a swipe at his pal Holly Willoughby saying: "I fancy Kelly more than Holly [Willoughby], but Holly knows I love her."

Well we hope so or she may just not appear in the sequel. #justsayin