Keith Lemon EXCLUSIVE: I’d like to piss on the person who bottled Cher Lloyd at V festival

Keith Lemon was in the omg! house today to help us celebrate our first birthday, well, he wasn't actually invited he just gate crashed our b'day bash.

keith lemon cher lloydKeith Lemon gatecrashed omg! today and had a lot to say about Cher Lloyd's drama at V. Copyriht [WENN]

While here he took over the site, giving us his take on the day's hottest celebrity stories, and first on the list was Cher Lloyd's terrible time at V Festival, where she was bottled and then booed off stage.

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It was believed the bottles contained urine and that one was glass — euw.

And for the sickos who committed this act, today's guest editor Keith Lemon has this to say:

"Someone threw a bottle of piss at her [Cher Lloyd]? I think it's horrible. I would've just pissed on them.

"Was the bottle open? I would have gone off, done a piss in the bottle and thrown it back."

keith lemon at omgKeith Lemon was at omg! HQ today where he took over! copyright [Twitter/Yahoo omg!]

Well we reckon it's what they deserve by clearly the songstress has far too much integrity to do such a thing.

Keith doesn't though… he wishes the guilty individual gets some bad karma, he told us: "I hope someone pisses on the person who did it. I hope it gets them in the eyes and it goes blurred and stings for two weeks."

The blonde lemon lover carried on with his rant adding: "I think it's disgusting. She's really young as well. She comes out and entertains them and then gets a bottle of piss thrown at her."

cher lloydCher has Keith's fill support. Copyright [WENN]

And that wasn't all, he also offered some support to Cher saying:

"I know how it feels because it's horrible when someone on Twitter says you're not funny and you have to reply saying: "I have a BAFTA which says otherwise, f**k you.

"It really sticks on you. So to have a bottle of piss thrown at you, that's really going to stick on you isn't it? That's horrible."

It sure is — Keith we salute your solidarity for a fellow celebrity.