Keith Lemon EXCLUSIVE: ‘Christopher Maloney is a super c***, Rylan Clark told me’

Keith Lemon reckons all the Christopher Maloney rumours are true after Rylan Clark confided to him that Chris is a 'super c***'.

Keith reckons the Chris rumours are TRUE! Copyright: [rex]

Keith's words, not ours.

Speaking exclusively to omg!, Keith told us that Chris is not welcome on Celebrity Juice after he was mean to other X Factor contestants.

Keith says:"I would not want Christopher Maloney on Celebrity Juice, I read in the paper he is being horrible to all the other contestants"

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"I've met them all and I definitely believe all the rumours that Maloney went mad and wasn't allowed at the final."

So we suppose he won't be filling in for Fearne Cotton while she is on maternity leave then?

Keith added: "I was at the X Factor this weekend, he was nice to me but other contestants said some things about him".

Rylan and Chris on the show together. Copyright: [rex]

And after we pushed him for names Keith eventually told us...

"Rylan Clark said he was a super c*nt, I said 'Really! I thought it was just the press!' and he said 'No,no, no!'".

"That one that does the poetry, Lucy Spraggan, told me as well."

It's reported that Christopher was banned from the final after he shouted at a producer in rehearsals after he was given just one line in the group song.

Chris, however, says he has a sore throat.

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