Keira Knightley on being empathetic towards Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has captivated the attention of almost every person on the planet, so being a celebrity website we had to ask the A-listers what they made of the royal.

Step forward Keira Knightley… At last night's Anna Karenina premiere in Leicester Square we asked the actress if paying Russian aristocracy in the movie made her more empathetic to the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Keira said: "I think the whole point of this film [Anna Karenina] is to make you empathetic to all sorts of people.

"In the 18th century they couldn't even speak Russian they actually spoke French or Italian and they lived in these French looking houses in French clothes and  they behaved in a French style so they were constantly in this play acting.

"We've used for the film to make this kind of strange theatrical fantasy land but I don't think it's about being empathetic to one part of society above another I think it's actually looking at human emotions as a whole."

keira knightleyKeira Knightley looked pretty in pink last night. [Copyright: WENN]

Right then Keira, we'll take that as a yes for now then…

When she wasn't talking around the issue at hand, the newly-engaged star looked gorgeous in a pale pink gown that showed of her slim figure.