Katy Perry offends ears of X Factor audience with super shouty performance, Twitter accuses her of playing 'guess the note'. BIT HARSH!

Well, you can’t please them all, quite frankly.
Katy Perry has become Katy Pitchy. [Rex]
Katy Perry shocked X Factor audiences last night with a super-pitchy performance of her latest track, Unconditional.

It all got a bit shouty, didn’t it? Well, not a bit – a lot. VERY shouty, in fact.

Still, there must be some sort of explanation…

Perhaps her bustier was too tight and she couldn’t breathe properly? Perhaps her ear thing broke? Or maybe she has a sore throat?

What ever it was, it was definitely not standard Katy Perry behaviour.

Twitter nearly exploded when Katy performed. Copyright: [Rex]

And unsurprisingly, Twitter had its say within seconds of Katy opening her gob, leading us to the conclusion that perhaps she would have been better to keep it shut?

One fan said: “I have been educated by this series of #XFactor. Katy Perry can't sing live and Nicole Scherzinger most certainly can.”

Fair point.

Another delightfully said: “I imagine the person in charge of selling tickets for Katy Perry's concerts has just shot themselves”

Bit harsh.

However, some people enjoyed certain aspects, with one quipping: “I love it when Katy Perry plays guess the note”.

Still, they moan when they mime, they moan when they sing live – these poor pop stars just can’t win!

We all have off-days after all.

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