Katy Perry shows off her skinny waist and reveals her diet secret - HOT DOGS!

Katy Perry  looked absolutely gorgeous showing off her skinny waist at a Great Gatsby screening last night:
Katy Perry at the Great Gatsby screening. Copyright: [Rex]

Going around looking this hot, we doubt the singer will be single for long.

Katy opted for a bang on trend crop top teamed with a maxi skirt which looked equally summery as it did super stylish.

And we couldn’t help but marvel at Katy’s super slim tum which was very much on display in her outfit.

And if you are thinking that KP must eat nothing but lettuce and water to get her figure then you are wrong!

The star tweeted a snap of her and her chum chowing down on a hot dog on the way to the screening:
Katy Perry and her chum grabbed a hot dog on the way. Copyright: [twitter]

See, celebs love junk food just as much as we do!

The pop star was on her way to a super exclusive screening of the very exciting new Great Gatsby film which stars Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Carey was also there looking every inch the star in a super chic tuxedo with her hair backcombed into an elegant quiff:
Carey Mulligan looking elegant at the screening. Copyright: [Rex]

We wonder if Carey stopped off at a hot dog van on the way too?!

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