Katy Perry rivals Kristen Stewart in her Snow White scene for Wide Awake video

Katy Perry is the latest A-lister to channel Snow White but unlike Kristen Stewart's efforts in Snow White and the Huntsman, the signer's version comes with more of a sting.

katy perry wide awakeKaty Perry took on Kristen Stewartin the battle of the best Snow White.

WATCH Katy Perry's Wide Awake video

In the just released video for Katy Perry's Wide Awake shows the usually pastel-clad songstress take a Gothic turn with dark purple hair and ruby red lips.

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She compliments this with a fairytale esque cape with a sheer black dress underneath which is given more weight with a lantern.
Katy PerryKaty Perry merged the Evil Queen and Snow White into one here.

As she navigates a scary labyrinth the Snow White references return as she goes to pick a poison strawberry which lands her in hospital.

This segment of the video comes after a short intro showing Katy finishing filming for the California Gurls video as she removes her pink wig she takes a self-reflective stance and the video moves through the last few years of the star's life.

Katy perry wide awake videoKaty Perry takes a poison strawberry instead of an apple.

She's joined by a younger version of herself as the pair enter into a hall of mirrors behind which hides intrusive paparazzi that Katy tries to avoid at all costs.

katy perry wide awakeKaty Perry also meets her younger self in the Wide Awake video.

The symbolism carries on as she transforms into an Alice in Wonderland world complete with butterflies and pastels where Prince Charming greets her on his white horse before being exposed as a liar.

katy perry wide awake videoKaty faces the paps in a hall of mirrors.

Katy then punches his out of the way making almost everyone questions if he's supposed to be Russell Brand…

katy perry wide awake videoKaty Perry then punches a lying Prince Charming.

Once she says good bye to her younger self Katy emerges back in her dressing room ready to take the stage.

Wide Awake was written especially for Katy Perry's upcoming movie Part of Me — we literally can not wait!