Katy Perry reveals dirty little habit, and it’s nothing to do with John Mayer or Russell Brand

Katy Perry can be a bit dirty, no, we don't mean in the bedroom *blushes* or with her flirty but fabulous fashion. She's actually revealed her tour toilet habits and they are distinctly un-celebrity.

katy perryKaty Perry has reavled sometimes a bucket is her only option.. Copyright [WENN]

Instead of having a diamond-encrusted throne in which to pee, Katy Perry told The Sun she sometimes has to make do with any vessel available — and in the past it's been a bucket.

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She said: "You walk on stage feeling like Mary Poppins but really you've just had your skin zipped, peed in a bucket and been dry-heaving over the trash can."

The frank take on the reality of performing on stage is certainly in keeping with KP's openness, but we literally winced at the thought of having your skin caught in a zip — ouch!

katy perryKaty Perry is currently taking a break and focusing on having fun. Copyright [WENN]

We hate to hear she was feeling sick too, we hope this was a one off and not every time she performs as she does an amazing job!

While the raven-haired beauty is honest about stage-side dramas, she's kept quiet about her personal life of late including a new addition to things in the form of celebrity womanizer, John Mayer.

However photos speak louder than words as this week Katy was seen the morning after her date with Jennifer Aniston's ex… and he was dropping her off in LA.

Oooh err, we hope he's good enough for Katy!