Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D film review – love, love love it!

Katy Perry's debut movie effort is almost upon us, in fact with the UK premiere in Leicester Square tonight there's no time like the present to get some serious #KP3D fever going.

And that it has, ever since omg! were privy to a special private screening of the movie it's all we can sleep/talk/think about.

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And we want to share the most important details with you- from the girlie pink 3D glasses to the bits that'll make you laugh, cry and love Katy Perry more than you already do.
Yes, we're also going to share the Russell Brand bits too so before you read on:


The moment that made us dance (in our seat)
If you haven't seen Katy live before then you're in for a treat, the film follows the star on her Teenage Dream tour and it gives you mosh-pit access to the show. With incredible dance routines, even more fantastic costumes and more this will be sure to get you moving and you'll have to try hard not to sing along.

katy perryKaty Perry's Part of Me is amaze. Copyright [WENN]

The bit that made us reach for the tissues
You've been warned now — there's a fair few I've-got-something-in-my-eye moments but most significantly when Katy is asked if she misses her ex husband, Russell Brand. As she wells up you may well do to.

The most surprising omg! moment

Seeing Katy with no make-up and with a wig cap on isn't the most attractive we've seen the star and when the tears of exhaustion kick in you start to see what makes her a superstar. She refuses to rest despite her grueling schedule as she won't miss the chance to meet her fans after the show.

The Russell Brand moment
The British comedian doesn't appear as much in the movie as we'd thought but this speaks volumes about his involvement in their relationship. But whatever side you're on you can't help but believe he certainly plays the English villain well. #justsayin

katy perryKaty Perry we have a serious girl crush developing. Copyright [WENN]

The moment we wanted her wardrobe
Ok, so you may not want to wear Katy's clothes every day but her costumes were like a giant dressing up box that brought out the 6-year-old in us. From feathers to fascinators we wanted to wear everything.

The moment we fell in love with her
If you weren't a Katy Perry fan before you should be converted. There are bits that stroke her ego a tad too much but if you move past that and admire her courage and conviction you'll be blown away and maybe walk away with a belief that you can follow your dreams too.