Katy Perry and John Mayer 'split', Mollie King eyes him up – EXCLUSIVE

We’re still reeling from the news earlier today that Katy Perry and John Mayer have reportedly split.

Mollie King has her eye of recently single John Mayer. Copyright [Rex]

The couple are said to have gone their separate ways after five months together, with Katy deciding to put an end to their romance.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for newly single John as The SaturdaysMollie King sounds like she is more than up for the task of becoming his new girlfriend.

Talking exclusively to omg! Mollie, 25, explained her love for the 35-year-old singer.

She told us: “Oh god he’s just so hot, I don’t know! He’s just so good looking and when he plays the guitar I’m just like ‘Oh my god, play it to me,’ so yeah, I’ve got a slight obsession there.”

Mollie can't seem to get enough of John, especially when he is playing the guitar. Copyright [Rex]

Mollie previously admitted on an episode of ‘Fashion Police’ that she once made her band mates move around a table so she could get a decent view of the singer after she spotted John in a restaurant they were eating in.

In hindsight, Mollie admits that it probably wasn’t the best idea to reveal this fact on national television, joking: “He probably does a runner now every time he sees me!”

Well, with John now a single man maybe he’ll be running toward the blonde beauty the next time she spots him in LA.

Mollie is currently the only member of The Saturdays not to have a partner and admits that because of this, her band mates enjoy living vicariously through her single life.

Mollie is the only single member of The Saturdays. Copyright [Rex]

She explained: “They are always trying to set me up to be honest, the girls love it.

“Because two of them are married and the other two are spoken for they think, ‘Mollie’s the single one, oh yes let’s live our single life through her,’ so they try to set me up with anyone they remotely fancy.

“They want me to date everybody but I’m so fussy I don’t really go on dates unless I really like somebody, so they’re quite disappointed about that!”

It would seem that no one can quite measure up to John Mayer.

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