Katy Perry rocks a $1000 GRILL at the MTV VMAs, we are LOVING the gob bling

Katy Perry turned up to the VMAs last night rocking a grill encrusted with the name of her new single, Roar.

Katy Perry rocked some serious mouth bling. Copyright: [PA]

Well, if you’ve got something to promote why not plaster it across your teeth? Only in celebland, eh?

Katy spent over a $1,000 (phew!) on the diamond grill and was designed by celebrity jewellery maker Paul (The Ice Man) Wall.

Katy Perry arriving at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013. Copyright: [Getty]

And we love her gob bling… but only temporarily.

Thank cripes it’s just for the night! Or at least the time in which it takes Katy to inevitably get to number one with her amazing single.

Katy put on an amazing performance on the night. Copyright: [Getty/MTV]

Katy also performed the song on the night and impressed the critics with her show.

The pop star performed inside a makeshift boxing ring, where she showed off some fancy footwork and jabs while singing the song that is soon to become her biggest hit to date.

In keeping with the big cat theme of the song, the 28-year-old teamed her flashy pegs with a leopard print, gold encrusted frock.

And we reckon Katy looks drop, dead gorgeous as per.

We just hope that this isn’t a trend to catch on – we don’t think we could pull off attention seeking teeth quite so well.

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