Leandro Penna tweets ‘Katie Price is used for sex and will always be unhappy’, says it wasn’t him

Last night, Leandro Penna appeared to proper lay into his ex Katie Price saying she will be unhappy forever and is only used by men for sex.

Leandro appeared to say some really foul things about Katie on Twitter last night. Copyright: [rex]

He posted a series of personal tweets saying all sorts of things like: "The best decision I have ever made was to move on and end the relationship"

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"I tried to end it in five different occasions and it was hard to see her cry and begging me to stay so I kept trying."

Leandro says he didn't send any of these tweets. Copyright: [Twitter]

Leandro also posted a comment which appeared to be in response to an interview Katie did last week in which she said she has lots of rude toys.

The tweet read: "@MissKatiePrice doesn't have 'sex toys', she has lots of boy toys that only want to f*** her. She will always be unhappy."


However, the tweets were sent last night only to be deleted this morning and replaced with the message: "The messages to @misskatieprice were not me, someone had my phone."

Yes, Leandro could be telling the truth but we can't help but suspect that perhaps it's more likely it was a bit of a drunken rant?

Well, it was late on a Friday night.

However, it was all written in near perfect English which we know isn't Leandro's strongest skill.

And plus, even if he didn't say these things then he still said all that 'she is crazy' guff straight after the split.

Forget keeping a dignified silence and moving on, it seems Leandro just can't stop blabbing about his ex.