Katie Price tweets close up picture of Kelly Brook’s nipple in retaliation to her ‘There’s Something about Mary’ comment, this just got nasty

Katie Price has retaliated to Kelly Brook’s dig about her on last night’s Celebrity Juice by tweeting a picture taken of the model sunbathing topless.

A screen grab taken from Katie Price's link to a pic of Kelly Brook's nipple. Copyright [Twitter/Katie Price]

Wow, this feud just took a turn for the nasty.

Taking to Twitter, Katie Price, 34, uploaded a link which directed readers to a close up of the 33-year-old model’s nipple on YouGossip.co.uk, taken when she was on holiday in 2008.

Well, Katie does say in her ‘About Me’ section on her twitter account: ‘Never underestimate the Pricey’.

The tweet comes a day after Kelly Brook made her debut appearance as team captain on Celebrity Juice last night.

Kelly Brook and Katie Price have been feuding over the past few weeks. Copyright [Wenn]

During the program, Holly Willoughby and Keith Lemon brought up a comment Katie had made about the model in her Sunday paper column for The Sun.

Katie had written: "The pictures of Kelly modelling her latest New Look swimwear range in Miami don't seem to be airbrushed and I'm FLABbergasted to see how big Kelly really is.

"You're a heffer (sic), Kelly, but still a hot one."

When asked what Kelly would say to Katie if she was in the studio with her, the model responded: “What, Magda from There's Something About Mary?”

Kelly Brook described Katie Price as Magda. Copyright [Youtube]

Not the most flattering of comparisons to make considering Magda was a character known for her bright orange complexion and garish outfit choices.

Kelly has yet to respond to the childish retaliation made by Katie.

Although we have a sneaking suspicion that she may keep schtum after seeing how the Pricey reacts to negative comments.

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