Katie Price tells Maria Fowler: ‘You’re shameful!’ after spotting her on a date with Leandro Penna

Katie Price has ripped into Maria Fowler after she saw pictures of the TOWIE star out on dates with her ex fiancee Leandro Penna.

Katie was not best pleased with Maria by the sounds of things. Copyright: [wenn]

On Monday evening Maria was snapped having a dinner date with Leandro, and it seems Katie is not happy about it.

Well, to be fair it hasn't exactly been ages, Katie and Leo only broke up recently and they were blimmin' engaged.

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Katie accused Maria of 'setting up' the pictures to make money, tweeting: "@MariaFowler did your set up photos go well with leo."

She then went on a bit of a rant saying: "Set up pictures with anyone is shameful didn't think your scoop that low no problem just what I've been told!"

All this fuss over this young man! Copyright: [wenn]

However, Maria was quick to bite back saying that Katie was wrong.

Maria said: "If you still spoke to me you would be more than updated with the goings on in my life Katie x x."

She later added: "Lessons on how not to be shameful. Interesting. Maybe discussing in a less public manor would be more appropriate."

However, if Katie is right and the pictures were a set up, Maria certainly has the press she wanted now!

You are reading it right now!

Katie later cryptically tweeted to her old pal Lauren Pope: "Rather find a man who claims to be a rogue but acted like a gent than one who claims to be a gent and acts like a rogue."

Wise words Katie, wise words.