Katie Price SLATED by exes Alex Reid and Leandro Penna, watch out new husband Kieran Hayler

Katie Price's new marriage to Kieran Hayler seems to have got EVERYONE talking. And by everyone, we include her exes Leandro Penna and Alex Reid.

Leandro Penna Alex Reid Katie Price.Leandro Penna and Alex Reid have slated Katie Price. Copyright [WENN]

Katie Price's ex husband Alex Reid and her former fiance Leandro Penna have both spoken about their relationships with the model, and they haven't exactly held back. In fact, if we were Kieran Hayler, we'd probably be a bit scared.

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Let's start with Leandro. He's the one Katie Price was with until two months ago, when she started seeing current hubby Kieran.

Leandro has claimed that he never even proposed to Katie.

He said: "I'd got Katie a £10,000 ring as a promise ring. When I gave it to her, she asked if it was an engagement ring. I said it wasn't but then she asked again."

Katie Price and her new husband, Kieran Hayler.Katie Price and her new husband, Kieran Hayler. Copyright [WENN]"She had tears in her eyes and was holding my hand tight - I didn't want to upset her, so I agreed. I said, 'Yes, it's an engagement ring if that's what you want it to be'. I never got down on one knee."

Leandro Penna continued: "I felt pressured. I didn't want to propose. For weeks after I replayed the moment in my head, thinking what I should or could've said. I think most men in my position would've done the same."

Katie Price Leandro PennaKatie Price was engaged to Leandro Penna. Copyright [WENN]He finished up by saying Katie is very insecure: "Katie's a very insecure person. I think she feels more secure and safe in a marriage. For her it's as if there's a very low risk of a man leaving her then."


Alex Reid, however, has gone one step further. He's written an open letter to Kieran Hayler warning him off Katie.

You can always rely on Alex Reid to bring the drama.

Katie Price Alex ReidKatie Price was married to Alex Reid before she was with Leo. Copyright [WENN]Alex's angry fingers wrote: "Don't get too comfortable with fame. Katie and I had a fight once and she looked at me and said, 'It isn't all about you. You'll never be as famous as me'."

He continued: "Being with Katie is like being with Jekyll and Hyde. I remember once she said, 'You're as bad as Pete [Andre]'. I felt like I was being compared with the devil incarnate at the time. She used to talk about him in such a bad way."

Uh Oh.

Isn't it about time Alex mentioned sex?

"She uses sex as a weapon. After six months we just stopped having it."

There we go.