Katie Price reveals a psychic told her to wed for the third time, but did they predict how long it would last?

Katie Price has spoken out for the first time since getting married to Kieran Hayler in the Bahamas yesterday.

Katie Price and Keiran HaylerKatie Price and Keiran Hayler wed yesterday. Copyright [Keiran Hayler]

The 34-year-old model told The Sun that she based her decision to wed Kieran, 25, who she had known for just three months, after a psychic predicted their nuptials.

Well almost.

She said: “A medium said the man I’d marry was called Kevin. Kieran’s name is close to Kevin and it all became clear.”

Kevin/ Kieran- what’s the difference eh?

Katie Price revealed earlier this month that Kieran had proposed on Christmas day despite the two only knowing each other for three months.

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The model also berated the negative feedback she received from the public and the press for getting married a third time.

Katie Price and Keiran HaylerKatie Price agreed to wed Kieran because of a psychic. Copyright [Katie Price

She said :“As usual, I get a hard time for my choices because I’m me — I still don’t really understand why.”

However, Katie Price doesn’t seemed to fussed after realising that she was in good company when it comes to serial brides.

She explained: “This is only my third marriage. I did my own Pricey Marriage Survey and discovered I was in good company. Joan Collins has been married five times, Liz Taylor did eight and Zsa Zsa Gabor nine.

“So there! I get stick, but no one has picked on them for all the marriages they’ve had.”

Well, we wish you all the best of luck Katie.

Hopefully this will be your third and final marriage.

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