Katie Price outdoes herself by posing on horseback at book launch

We didn't think it was possible, but Katie Price has upped even her own crazy standards.

It's a question we'll no doubt all have to ask ourselves one day: how do you launch your latest novel when you've used pretty much all of the attention-grabbing headline-making tricks in the book?

Well, if you're Katie Price, the answer to that question is: pose on a horse. But of course!

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We have to admit we admire Katie Price's bravery for getting on the back of a horse as it rears up onto its back legs. It's a good job she's an experienced horse rider, that looks mightily scary to us.

Katie Price got into an orange outfit and mounted the horse's back to launch her latest novel In the Name of Love at the Worx Studios in London yesterday.

Kate Price, horseback, book launchKate Price on horseback at her book launch. As you do. Copyright [Wenn]

The model-turned-business-woman-turned-author admitted she was edgy about the stunt beforehand, tweeting: "Nearly ready for my press call which I'm really nervous about today as it is a stunt today and hope it goes well as its dangerous".

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Katie Price got through the event safely. It no doubt helped that she knew the horse well, as it was her own three-year-old Dante.

The horse theme wasn't a complete non sequitur as Katie Price's novel is about sports presenter Charlie who falls for Spanish horse rider Felipe. It even has a 2012 Olympics storyline. Amazing.

Kate Price, book launchKate Price knows how to capture attention at a book launch. Copyright [Wenn]

Katie Price explained: "This book seems a coincidence but I had a really bad horse accident last year involving a vehicle and two horses died in my arms. At the beginning of the book there's a horse accident so that's really weird that I'd already done the book and it really did happen."

She dressed in shiny gold boots, glittery gloves, a headdress and a long train.

Talk about making your mark. Katie Price, we salute you.