‘Katie Price is more interested in Googling herself than sex’ says Leandro Penna

Leandro Penna has hit out at his ex Katie Price, saying that she is more interested in Googling herself than sex.

Kate and Leo were together for 20 months. Copyright: [wenn]

The Argentinian model told Now! magazine that his ex would rather 'spend all day Googling her name and looking at pictures of herself on websites'

He then added that he 'gave her the best orgasms of her life'.

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Er, but we thought Kate was Googling? Make up your mind, Leo.

And his boasting doesn't stop there, Leandro also says he was the best that Katie ever had:

"The first time ever we had sex, she told me it was the best sex she ever had."

Some things should be kept private, including that outfit. Copyright: [rex]

Hang on a minute, we thought he couldn't speak any English? However, Leandro really seems to have found his tongue since the split.

Leo spends the remainder of the interview saying horrible things about Katie, including that she would probably date a footballer if there is "one out there stupid enough."

And says men only want Katie for sex.

What a treat, eh?

However, confusingly, he then adds that he would 'give Kate another chance', if she was to apologise:

"She was one of the women I've loved most in my life and people make mistakes. If somebody says sorry, why not give them another chance?"

Yeah, somehow we don't think Jordan will be coming running any time soon.

Almost immediately after announcing the split, Leandro was badmouthing Katie to various magazines, calling her 'crazy' and all sorts.

This comes just days after he was spotted out on dates with TOWIE's Maria Fowler which Katie said was 'shameful' and 'a set up'.

Read the full feature in Now! out er, now!

Read all about it in this week's Now! Copyright: [Now!]