Katie Price has a new man, talk about a fast mover

Katie Price only split from Leandro Penna a couple of months ago, however already seems pretty loved up with a new chap.

Katie's got a new boyf, Keiran. Copyright: [Twitter/wenn]

Even though the last we knew, she was off snogging Gavin Henson.

But now she is snogging this guy and we have photographic evidence, courtesy of HIS Twitter account:


Plus, last night Katie and her new man went out to the theatre and afterwards he took to Twitter to tell all his mates to take their GIRLFRIENDS.

Which, to us, pretty much confirms he took HIS.

Thus, Katie has a new BOYFRIEND!

Called Kieran Hayler, since you asked. But in the words of Nikki Graeme, just WHO IS HE?

Everyone meet Keiran, the new Mr Katie Price. Copyright: [Twitter]

Well, according to his Twitter bio, so in his own words, Kieran is 'argumental' (almost definitely not a word), a model and likes rat food.

In full, he is a: "male entertainer and model. Appeared in eastenders, argumental, big brother, celeb bb, and more! addicted gym user! sponsored by GYM RAT NUTRITION"

To sum up, pretty much sounds like the one.

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Also, he says 'appeared' but he really means 'stripped' after he played a stripper in one episode of Easties.

And luckily this time Katie can chuck out her Google translator because this one DOES speak English, result!

But more importantly, he likes to do this:

We give this one the thumbs up. Copyright: [Twitter]

And we all know how much Katie likes a man in a bra.

*cough* Roxanne *cough*