Katie Price and Leandro Penna both turn up to Winter Wonderland, avoid each other

We wonder if Katie Price knew that her ex-fiancee Leandro Penna was on the list to last night's super exclusive Winter Wonderland opening?

Katie and Leandro were both at the same event last night. Copyright: [wenn/Splash]

Well, we say probably as we suspect Katie is the only reason he was invited in the first place - yes, that is our claws coming out...

Anyway, omg! was there in Hyde Park and couldn't believe it when Leandro appeared in the VIP tent next to us.

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We had spotted Katie earlier taking her little girl, Princess, for a ride on the carousel - surrounded by about 45 paps, natch.

We were surprised that Princess didn't seem at all bothered by the cameras, but we suppose when you have grown up on a reality TV show you are probably used to it.

We spotted Katie on the carousel with Princess! Copyright: [Splash]

We have to say, Katie looked absolutely gorge in the flesh, it must be said, and got loads of attention from everyone in the park.

Apart from those who were getting her confused with ex WAG Lizzie Cundy, which we also saw happening more than once!

However, after arriving back in the VIP tent, we suddenly noticed that Katie's ex Leandro Penna was also still there.

He was hanging out with a group of male friends and getting pictures taken with a load of girls when we spotted him.

We can only conclude that the invite list was decided before Katie and Leo split up, he called her 'crazy' and she said he gave her cystitis.

However, Katie made sure she stayed in the main park away from the VIP tent and we didn't spot the exes exchange a word all night.

Well, if someone called us 'crazy' etc, we would probably steer clear too.

But don't steer clear of Winter Wonderland - it is frankly, ah-may-zing! We went ice skating, met Santa and necked a whole load of mulled wine...

And it's only November! Er, WIN!