Katie Price fights back at Peter Andre claims, this saga is definitely not over

As predicted, the Peter Andre and Katie Price row about his interview claiming she wanted him back won't be ending any time soon.

Katie has now posted a lengthy blog on her official website to defend herself against the comments ex-husband Peter has made.

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After Peter claimed she wanted to get back together, wanted to spend Christmas with him and is 'obsessed' by their relationship, Katie's management hit out on Twitter to say the comments were false.

However, the blog goes into a LOT more detail. It's about a billion words long, so in summary...

1. On those 'getting back together' rumours

There were discussions about what may have been and what might be if we got back together. These conversations were, I thought, just between us where we both knew that the comments were light hearted 'what ifs' and not serious. I had no idea that they would be used against me like this.

Katie Price has hit back at Peter Andre's claims / WENN2. On wanting him back

Of course I sometimes think we should still be together for the sake of the Children, but I know that cannot and will not be the case. Nor is that what I want - I am not sure how many times

3. On being 'obsessed' with Peter

Pete made clear in his New! column at the start of January that there was no hope of us going back together and I had said the same in a statement from my management. He has repeated this line in an interview with OK! Now he has spoken about it again in Heat, yet apparently it is me that is obsessed?

4. On rowing over Christmas

It is true that Pete invited me into his house on Christmas day... It is true that this was awkward - this was because my husband (and therefore my Children) were spending Christmas day with two 'friends' who had given the News of the World vicious and unpleasant stories about me. I am sure most parents would feel uncomfortable to find out that their Children were spending such an important day with people who will talk in derogatory terms about them to the national press.

6. On the future...

I am genuinely embarrassed to have to respond in this way. I am sure this will be used as an excuse for another round of interviews by Pete calling me all sorts of names and making all kinds of accusations.

Peter, over to you.