Katie Price dyes her hair brunette, goes abseiling to show it off

Katie Price's hair seems to change on a weekly basis, but we haven't seen her with dark locks for a very long time.

Katie PriceKatie Price showed off her new dark hair today. Copyright [WENN]However, Katie Price seems to have ditched the bleach and has gone back to brunette after two years of being a blonde.

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Katie Price decided to show off her new brunette hair today by doing a spot of abseiling at a Walker's crisp event.

The star turned up with fiance Leandro Penna and did some posing on the red carpet.

Katie PriceKatie Price did some posing on her way down. Copyright [WENN]Then, being the daredevil that she is, Katie did some abseiling down a climbing wall. Surprisingly, Katie was perfectly dressed for the event in a loose fitting top and sporty leggings, without a spot of pink in sight.

Despite being suspended in the air, Katie still managed to do a bit of pouting on her way down. Atta girl.

Katie Price, Leandro PennaKatie Price was at the event with fiance Leandro Penna. Copyright [WENN]We're loving Katie's new hair, but some have suggested that the model has gone back to brunette in order to look like Peter Andre's new girlfriend, Emily MacDonagh, who has long brown hair.

We reckon that'd be a bit weird, and it seems Katie is keen to distance herself from those reports, with her spokesman saying: "Katie regularly changes the way she looks. This has nothing to do with any third party."