Katie Price denies Celebrity Big Brother reports, keeps us guessing though

Katie Price has finally spoken out about the rumours that she will be taking part in next year's Celebrity Big Brother.

Katie Price wouldn't say no to Celeb BB. [Wenn]

Although she's not exactly laid the speculation to rest.

The glamour model took to Twitter to address the reports that she would be entering the most famous bungalow in Britain.

She wrote: "I'm not doing big brother despite the rumours! But I wouldn't say no hahahaha I have nothing to hide :)"

So basically she hasn't been asked but if she was, she would.

Come on Channel 5, Katie has basically given you the go ahead to sign her up.

Katie Price's ex-husband Alex Reid of course won his series in 2010 so if she did go in, the pressure would be on.

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Another celebrity who has been linked to the show is Katie's BFF and X Factor contestant Rylan Clark.

Katie and Rylan have both been coy about their particpation? [Copyright Wenn]

The eccentric singer has also been somewhat coy about his supposed participation in the series.

Talking to new! magazine this week, Rylan admitted that he would love to do the show but because of commitments to the X Factor Tour, he wouldn't be able to go in.

However, after doing a bit of investigative work, we found that Celebrity Big Brother starts the first week of January while the X Factor tour kicks off on the 26 January so conceivably Rylan COULD still take part.

He told the magazine: "I heard that [I'm going in] but I'm meant to be on tour with the X Factor!

"If I were to do the show, I'd dread going on there and people seeing me without make-up up.

"I have always wanted to do Big Brother, but said I'd never have sex or snog anyone in there. But you haven't got a clue what would happen once you're in there."

We guess we'll just have to wait until next year to find out if we will be spending three weeks in the company of Katie and Rylan.