Katie Price slams claims she took drugs whilst pregnant with Harvey, says the comments are 'vile'

Katie Price has been forced to deny shocking claims that she took drugs whilst pregnant with her first child, Harvey, who has severe disabilities.

Katie Price has denied taking drugs whilst pregnant with Harvey, and is shocked at claims that she caused his disabilities. …Katie was accused of taking drugs and causing Harvey's disabilities, by another model, Katie Green, during a live TV interview.

She said: "I heard from somebody very close to her that she took so many drugs when Harvey was in her stomach."

But Katie hit back, calling the comments 'vile'.

Katie Price said that the claims she took drugs during her pregnancy are 'vile lies'. Copyright [Splash]The model, 34, said: "This vile lie makes me so angry. This is a supposedly intelligent woman but she is stupid enough to repeat something so utterly disgusting. It is people like her that set back disability rights for years."

Katie, who is now pregnant with her fourth child by her third husband continued: "Parents of disabled children are often consumed with guilt about their children’s disabilities and society has always judged them. But disabilities sometimes just happen and no one is at fault.

Katie Price revealed she did feel guilt about Harvey, but said his conditions are genetic and nobody's fault. Copyright …‘This is true in the vast majority of cases and the type of sneering, curtain-twitching comment made by this silly girl causes deep distress.

‘Harvey’s conditions are genetic. I hope she is thoroughly ashamed."

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Harvey, who is now ten, suffers from septo-optic dysplasia which affects the growth hormone and caused his blindness.

He also suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, which makes him prone to obesity, and Katie has revealed in the past that he's also on the 'autistic spectrum'.